Service Industry

Hey again Chicago!!

This is my second official post and if you happen to be here reading... THANK YOU! It is people like you that make a difference and are world changers. 

SO... today's topic... hair services whether it is a cut, color or anything... it is just that a SERVICE! A service should meet the expectations of the CLIENT. Just like a server or bartender... they do everything they can do SERVICE the client or patron.

When a stylist cuts too much hair (which I hear ALL THE TIME) because the stylist thinks it's too damaged or are just "scissor happy" - it is not only against the client's wishes, but it is literally one of the WORST THINGS EVER. Has your hair ever been cut way too short? (On a real note, I recently under-performed and cut someone's hair an inch or so more than they wished for. I felt so horrible!!! I sent them home with a bunch of free hair growth products because I just felt that bad!).

Or a hair color that didn't meet the wishes of what was thought. OK - so here is the thing too...sometimes it isn't healthy or possible to get EXACTLY what we want in one session. It is the responsibility of the professional hair colorist to communicate and convey this information. The stylist should thoroughly confirm with the client the "new goal" that is realistic for the end of the session. It should be up to the client to agree with the stylist if they should proceed. There are also a million other failures that cause disappointment when it comes to color. 

I am a huge believer in fulfilling the hair goals and dreams of my clients. I will communicate fully until we are on the same page with everything. I will recommend what will take care of your and I promise to LISTEN to you! I am a listener by nature when it comes to servicing my clients. 

The biggest takeaway is this: the hair industry is truly a service industry.

I am here to work my very best to hear your needs and wants to deliver YOUR hair ideas.


Peace, Love and BLESSINGS!  > Anastasia 

My Hair Story

Hey! First off thank you for reading my first entry!

If you don't already know, my name is Anastasia and I am a hair colorist (and painter) based in Chicago. I just wanted to take a moment to share with you why I love coloring and painting so much!

After cosmetology school I went to college (I took 2 years and plan to finish my last 2 soon) and  I studied A LOT of science. I got all A's because I enjoyed it so much. Believe it or not, these classes really prepped me for success with hair and hair color. 

In anatomy class I studied hair growth at the skin level. This is called trichology (the study of hair) From this I discovered the differences and similarities of hair types/textures. Unlocking this knowledge helped me hone in on coloring all hair types. What I love this about having my knowledge is that I can welcome clients, of all genetics, into my chair. I believe this separates me from a lot of other colorists. I have noticed salons still remain very segregated in the United States and I am trying to change that!

In addition to anatomy, I studied physics and organic chemistry. Through these classes I really solidified color theory and chemical reactions. This helped me to be a better color formulator and creator. 

During this journey in college, I worked as the Color Director and Cosmetology Educator at a very diverse beauty school. I put into practice everything I gained in college and also furthered my studied within the cosmetology field. Lots of hands-on practice catapulted me into building my systematic and creative abilities actually working with hair and hair color. I would work with 100 clients a week on average. We had so many clients visit our school salon called the clinic floor.

After several years of this, I moved to downtown Chicago to build the clientele I always dreamed of. I first lived in Lincoln Park and worked in the Loop. After one year in the Loop I relocated to the Gold Coast for 6 months. Then after this I opened my own studio in Lakeview where In am currently. I have experienced so many neighborhoods and vibes of Chicago and my favorite has definitely been working in the LOOP! I will be moving back in April and will have a lot of news to share coming soon! I love this journey and continually working on my dream with all of you! I love hair coloring, hair and working with so many beautiful souls.

Until next time!

Creatively, Anastasia